5 Recommended Puzzle Games for Kids

Kids love to play games, but sometimes it is hard to find something they will enjoy and keep playing with. Puzzle games are great rainy-day activities or after school activities that will keep kids brains active and having fun. Below are the top five puzzle games for kids!

  1. Kanoodle


This brain-twisting game comes with a 2-D and 3-D version and is sure to be enjoyed and played with over again. All you do is choose a puzzle from the included book, follow the clues it gives you, and then finish the puzzle yourself! With so many combinations and challenges to choose from, this game will keep the busiest kid busy for a long time. Play by yourself or with a partner, this puzzle focuses on critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills. The Kanoodle is also a travel-friendly puzzle that can be played in the car or on an airplane.


  1. Ocean World of Colors Puzzleball


This fun twist on a regular puzzle will sure to be a favorite! The curved puzzle pieces form a perfect globe shape that can be displayed nicely in a bedroom or on a bookshelf, thanks to the convenient stand it sits on. No glue is required to put together this puzzle, and kids will have fun putting it together while building fine motor skills and 3-D comprehension.


  1. Perplexus Epic


Challenge the brain with 125 different obstacles offered with the Perplexus Epic puzzle sphere, that will have kids twisting and turning trying to solve each challenge. Maneuver the marble ball through different obstacles and ramps that get trickier as you go. This puzzle is recommended for slightly older kids, around 8+. It is a sturdy puzzle that is easy to carry with to grandma’s house or while on vacation.


  1. Cool Circuits


For science lovers especially, Cool Circuits is an intriguing, challenging puzzle that comes with 40 challenges ranging from easy to difficult. Kids have to solve each challenge by getting the circuit to light up and it even plays an enjoyable tune! This puzzle comes with a light-up game board, 8 3-D fluorescent pieces, puzzle cards and helpful booklet. Kids will have fun playing with circuits while getting a good brain workout!


  1. Meffert’s Gear Ball


Colorful and engaging, this cube puzzle is unique! Hold the gear ball and twist left to right to try and solve. As the gears move, different colors will appear on each of the six sides as you try and get the ball to be one solid color. Kids will have fun solving this puzzle as they develop spatial reasoning and strategy skills. Not only that, the gear ball looks pretty cool sitting on a desk or bookshelf in a kid’s bedroom! The Meffert’s Gear Ball is a good size measuring 3.4 in x 3.4 in x 3.4 in, so it is easy to pack around and ready to play anywhere.


There are so many fun puzzle games on the market for kids, and these top 5 have received great reviews from parents and kids. It is important to purchase puzzle games for kids that will do more than just keep them busy. Giving kids puzzle games that build cognitive skills and fine motor skills will benefit them while they are having fun playing. With the Chinese New Year right in the corner, the games above can be considered for Chinese New Year games for preschoolers.